Local people offer trips for tourists from around the world. Tourists are buying trips according to their time, language preferences and what they experience in the area where they travel.

Are you planning to travel anywhere in the world? Find a guide among local people... Are you local? Show what is great, in your town. Is it for travelers from around the world. Give them trips, that would have bought - where are good places to shop, to eat, to entertain, to understanding your place etc. Plan, have fun, get extra income.

Vyhraj cestování po Evropě za 10000 Kč a další motivační ceny!

Jak soutěžit:

  • Udělej si svůj profil na www.HitMeTrip.com
  • Vyplň všechny údaje a svoje tripy
  • Pošli svým kamarádům, aby si tripy koupili a nebo poslali dál
  • Kdo do konce roku 2016 provede nejvíc turistů, ten vyhraje

Vyhlášení výsledků soutěže bude začátkem ledna 2017. Pro víc informací a nápadů můžeš sledovat náš Facebook. Můžeš si stanovit jakékoliv ceny a jakékoliv tripy chceš. Do soutěže se počítají pouze placené tripy.

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I want to be a guide

What do you know about your location?

Do you want to meet new friends?

Are you the organiser?

Fancy some extra income?

I like HitMeTrip as it gives me the chance to organise my travels according to my needs and interests with the benefit of meeting new people.

My dream came true, I can finally do what I want and want matters to me.

I am independent and my life is more colourful thanks to this extra income.

I am a tourist

{% trans 'Are you planning a trip and are you interested in connection with someone who knows the place and is happy to share some knowledge with you.' %}

Do you want to learn something about the history, want to know the best places to see, top bars and night life in town, where you can shop, enjoy the best local cuisine, see unusual things and generally learn what to do in your destination.

{% trans 'You can find a local guide who speaks your preferred language and this all for great money.' %}

{% trans 'You can pay securely through our HitMeTrip application and enjoy your travels. Your local guide will be paid after successfully completed trip.' %}

{% trans 'Do you enjoy your travels, do you know your locality and fancy to meet new people?' %}

Thanks to the HitMeTrip I can learn much more about my travel destination.

Thanks to this application I have met many new people, locals who know where to point me and they reffer the best of the best in their town.

I have already forgotten about the written guides, which do not include all and cannot be totally up to date. Besides, the price for the written guide and someone local showing you around is almost the same.